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The Most Powerful Brand in the Business

Leading the industry for over 150 years, PW today is a global publication covering every genre and category of the market. With renowned reviews, influential seasonal previews, special school and library coverage and U.S. and international trade show reporting, PW is the clear authority, reaching an ardent audience of publishing professionals, booksellers, librarians and devoted consumers around the world. 

Adult Coverage

PW is the leading editorial voice covering fiction, non-fiction, romance, lifestyle, mystery, thrillers, sci-fi/fantasy and horror. With 9,000 annual reviews across nearly every category and genre, 24/7 breaking news coverage, and influential Spring and Fall preview issues, PW remains unrivaled in the industry as the premier publication.

Children's Coverage

From pre-school to high school, Publishers Weekly provides extensive coverage of the entire spectrum of children’s literature. Tracking the latest trends in educational developments, technology and emerging titles as well as reporting on the major library conferences, PW is the go-to resource among librarians and educators.

Religion and Spirituality Coverage

The prime source for up-to-the-minute business intelligence on marketplace trends, launches, imprints, category bestsellers, sales, and deals, PW is a valued guide to how titles shape faiths and cultures and what that means for publishers.

Comics and Graphic Novel Coverage

With sweeping coverage of everything from manga and gaming to film, retailing and fan culture, PW provides a 360-degree view of a rapidly growing and changing marketplace. With our finger on the pulse of the genre and its crossover into the broader pop culture, PW is the ideal vehicle to reach a new and diverse generation of fans.

International Markets

The premier conference magazine, PW’s special supplements are the perfect platform to reach the global marketplace. Show Dailies in London and Frankfurt focus on key International (non-U.S.) markets and are on the forefront in identifying emerging publishing trends.

The World Within Reach

PW covers the whole of the industry from the granular to the global level, providing a holistic view of the publishing market. Our London and  Frankfurt Show Dailies are the consummate guides to leading international trade shows and, along with a host of special supplements and features, are potent tools  for increasing visibility, driving traffic, and boosting sales. Coverage includes:

  • Children’s Books in China
  • Digital Solutions in India
  • Printing in Hong Kong
  • Books in Spanish
  • Spotlight on Arab Publishing
  • The Canadian Publishing Supplement
  • Frankfurt Book Fair Supplement
  • The UK Publishing Spotlight

London Book Fair, March 12–14


Frankfurt Book Fair, October 16–20


Guadalajara International Book Fair Preview
November 30–December 8


Publishing in Canada Supplement, September 30


Sharjah International Book Fair Preview
November 6–17

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Publishers Weekly Magazine

The publication that pioneered an industry, Publishers Weekly magazine remains the cornerstone of the company, continuing to serve every segment across the vast and varied publishing industry.

  • 9,000 Reviews Annually
  • Breaking News Across the Retail, Technology, Library, & Bookseller Sectors
  • In Focus Features on Critical Social Justice Issues
  • Prized Preview Issues
  • Bestsellers Lists
  • Features
  • Exclusive Author Interviews

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PW provides continuous access to millions of monthly readers, connecting you to a global audience on the go whenever and wherever they plug in.

The most important news stories of the day.
42K subscribers

A weekly wrap-up of the week’s top stories for consumer and trade audiences, complete with staff picks and an on-sale calendar with PW Reviews.
73K subscribers

News coverage dedicated to children’s and YA publishing.
31K subscribers

Weekly newsletter packed with bestsellers lists, top 10 PW picks, and forthcoming reviews.
27K subscribers

Providing a wealth of resources in both trade and educational publishing for educators and librarians.

24K Subscribers

The latest news, culture, events and trends in the comics and graphic novel fandom.
43K subscribers

Coverage of the vast category of religion and spirituality publishing.
9K subscribers

Coverage of international rights deals, news and more.
20K subscribers

News coverage and educational tips sent to the self-publishing community.
26K subscribers

Highlights of the week’s publishing news.
25K subscribers

Leading Targeted E-Newsletters

Sponsored E-Blasts

A simple yet highly effective, turnkey program, Sponsored E-Blasts integrates your content with the PW brand to harness the power of our vast readership, extensive coverage and standing in the industry. Targeted approach + direct access = instant success.

Average Open Rate 47%  Unique Opens 32%  CTR 2%
15+ targeted lists. Countless customizable options.

Web & Mobile Takeover

Dominate the competition. Get the attention of the most influential audience in publishing with full control of PW’s website. 24 hours. Every ad. Every page. Every device.


Daily Impressions

Sponsored Posts

As a trusted source, PW‘s name serves to authenticate your message. Our innovative program combines the look and feel of PW‘s editorial content with your custom messaging to engage readers and drive awareness, something ordinary ads simply can’t duplicate.


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The engagement of typical display ads

Grab a Galley

PW‘s virtual galley giveaway blows the conference doors wide open. With 24-hour online access, go beyond the trade show floor to reach the entirety of the PW audience – anytime anywhere.

Open to all categories.

2023 Contest Numbers

  • Contests Ran  5
  • Titles Offered  600
  • Librarians/Booksellers Reached  9K+
  • Galleys requested  200K+

PW Custom Content Program

Align your brand with PW’s editorial voice for a custom marketing campaign that authenticates your message and engages readers unlike any display ad.

With print and digital components and an array of options, you can go as wide or as targeted as needed. Choose from Native Articles, published in the print magazine as well as online, or from three custom newsletters, each with a distinct focus:

  • PW Close-Up features deep dives on titles, technologies, and products
  • PW Presents introduces publishers’ seasonal lists to our avid audience of librarians and booksellers
  • PW Beyond the Book goes deep to present an intimate portrait of the author behind a title or series, giving a detailed, holistic view of their work or body of work.

PW Custom Articles

Our original custom offering, Native Articles, gives your title, author, new imprint, seasonal list, or company profile the look and feel of a PW magazine feature. Articles appear both in print and online so you can reach readers where they are.

68K print/digital readers  | 1MM monthly web visitors.

PW Custom Newsletters

PW‘s custom newsletters offer virtually limitless options for promotion, expanding your possibilities along with your reach. Whether you’re launching a new imprint, showcasing a breakout author, promoting a new product, previewing a trade show, announcing your forthcoming list, or highlighting your country’s literary muscle, deliver a message with serious impact.

When one of your titles, technologies, or products deserves a little more attention, go Close-Up.

Don’t let your lists to get overlooked. Announce them to the world with PW Presents.

Dedicated, full-length e-blast reaches 87K subscribers.

Custom Packages

Web Takeover

230K Daily Impressions


500K Monthly Page Views
.31% Average Banner CTR

Custom Newsletters

87K Subscribers
42% Average Open Rate

Sponsored Posts

25% Average Open Rate
1% CTR


15+ Targeted Lists
47% Average Open Rate

PW’s Custom Packages allow you to blanket the market for top of mind awareness. Five components comprise the full package: web takeover, mobile takeover, PW Close-Up or Presents, E-blast, and sponsored post. Choose from any or all of the options and see your title or product here, there, and everywhere.

Publishers Weekly

Multiple channels mean maximum results. PW’s fully integrated ad campaigns offer turnkey solutions to meet each client’s unique needs. Select the channels that best target your audience to create a customized package for an unbeatable campaign.


Work the Network.

With a combined following of 1.15M fans, our social media network holds sway.


The Authority on the Book Business.

Publishers Weekly is the only publication to cover the entire industry. From breaking news and reviews to market trends and announcements, PW reports on nearly every category and genre and spans every age group.

Web Takeover

Dominate the Competition.

When you’re excited about a forthcoming book or product, you want it to take over the world. This is a good start.


The Right Audience. Reached.

With 9 targeted lists, PW allows you to zero in on the precise audience you’re aiming to reach. Focused. Efficient. Effective.


Go Direct. Get results.

The world (and internet) can be a crowded place. Cut through the noise with PW’s e-blasts, and take your message directly to tens of thousands of readers.

Sponsored Posts

Your Message. Our Brand. Perfect Combination.

Up your game – and your engagement. Sponsored Posts blend seamlessly into PW’s editorial content, delivering more engagement time after time than typical display ads.

Giveaway Program

Get More When You Give.

Giveaways are a good time. And not just for fans. They’re the perfect opportunity to promote titles, get readers excited, and create buzz. Even better, it’s an opportunity to capture leads and convert fans into lifelong consumers.

Native Advertising

Your Message. Our Commanding Voice.

With the look and feel of a feature, native ads draw readers in, engaging them in a fuller, deeper story. When you have a story to tell, do it with the authority of PW.


When We Speak, Readers Listen.

Broadcast your book on the fastest growing media platform. And be heard.

Show Dailies

The World Within Reach.

Scale up with PW’s Show Dailies and expand your reach into the global markets. The world’s a big place. Make sure you stand out.

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