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With virtually limitless options, PW’s Close-Up expands your possibilities along with your reach. Whether you’re launching a new imprint, previewing a trade show, showcasing a breakout author, promoting a new product, or highlighting your country’s literary muscle, deliver a message with the most impact.

Dedicated, full-length e-blast reaches 84K subscribers.

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A simple yet highly effective, turnkey program, Sponsored E-Blasts integrates your content with the PW brand to harness the power of our vast readership, extensive coverage and standing in the industry. Targeted approach + direct access = instant success.

PW Show Daily

The consummate guide to all leading international trade shows, PW Show Dailies are the most potent tool for increasing visibility, driving traffic and boosting sales on the spot. In a crowded marketplace, Show Dailies are unique opportunities to optimize your investment and ensure you stand out.

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USBS, May 23-25


London Book Fair, April 18-20


Frankfurt Book Fair, October 18-22


Bologna Children’s Book Fair, March 6-9